Nato allies have agreed to increase defence spending: Donald Trump

The Us President Donald Trump has said his Nato allies have accepted to increase their defence spending after he threatened to pull out at the summit in Brussels. Nato is holding an emergency session after the president made demands for higher spending yesterday.
At a press conference, the US President said he told leaders he would be ‘very unhappy’ if they do not up their commitments very substantially’. President Donald Trump holds a news conference after participating in the NATO Summit in Brussels.
He then added that ‘tremendous’ progress had been made. Trump said the US ‘commitment to Nato remains very strong’. ‘We made a tremendous amount of progress today,’ he told reporters. ‘Yesterday, I let them know I was extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment.’ Nato was now ‘much stronger than it was two days ago’, he said. ‘I believe in Nato.’

Trump insisted Nato leaders were now ‘putting up a lot’ and it was ‘unnecessary’ to pull the US out of the organisation. He said Germany had agreed to increase ‘very substantially’ the timescale for increasing funding. ‘The people have stepped up today like they have never stepped up before,’ he said. Trump went on to say everybody in the room had thanked him, including secretary general Jens Stoltenberg, describing himself as a ‘very stable genius’. Yesterday the president said he wanted his Nato allies to double their defence spending. After countries agree to increase defence spending to 2% of GDP ‘we’ll start talking about going higher’, he told the press conference today. Donald Trump, Acting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US National Security Adviser John Bolton hold a news conference after participating in the NATO Summit in Brussels

Donald Trump is in Brussels before his visit to the UK later today. When quizzed on planned mass protests against his first trip to the UK as president he said: ‘They like me a lot in the UK.’ Theresa May will be rolling out the red carpet for Donald Trump later today but the reception from the rest of the UK is unlikely to be quite-so-warm. Tens of thousands of people are expected to hit streets across the UK in a number of protests against the American President’s visit. The main Stop Trump rally tomorrow in London is expected to see at least 70,000 people while there are smaller events by the group in other towns and cities.

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