Why You Need To Live In India

A land where people are passionate about food more than gadgets and care about cricket and movie stars like their own relatives. India enjoys all seasons from the scorching summers to pleasant winters, and from the euphoric rains to the chirpy springs.

Its boasts of being one of the oldest known civilizations with a gallant history of courage and fearlessness. Though truly attached to its glorious past, India is at par with the modern world with its engineers, doctors, scientists and researchers making significant contribution to global science and technology. Here are reasons to live in india.

1. Food

Living in India is Blissful
Indian food is well appreciated and known for throughout the world for its balanced nutrients and flavors. The ingredients and spices used are often grown locally and the meal is designed as per the beliefs, tradition and climatic conditions of the place. From the chicken currys, tikka and tandooris to Biryani and Paneer savories, food in India is a strong reflection of its history. While some dishes are cooked in less than five minutes, several Mughlai cuisines are cooked for 8-10 hours on slow flame. The food is very diverse and covers Mughlai, South Indian, Parsi, Bohra, Gujarati, North-East, Punjabi and Kashmiri cuisines to name a few.

From a light breakfast like Poha to a sumptuous kachori and jalebi, currys and biryani for lunch, samosa and imarti for snacks, naan bread and tandoori for dinner and finally topped with some gulab jamun, ras malai or the pan, India has a multitude of cuisines for your palate. Such variety of food certainly is one major reason to live in India.

2. Festivals

Living in India is Blissful
Hinduism is believed to have 330 millions Gods. Apart from Hinduism India also happens to embrace Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism to name a few. With such diverse beliefs come an array of festivals. The festivals in India are large in numbers and are not just a day’s affair. Some festivals go on for weeks with celebrations, food, rituals, exchange of gifts, music and dance. Each festival is symbolic of a particular thing and has stories behind it; Some mark the victory of good over evil, some celebrate the birth of Gods, some celebrate the sibling bond, some are observed in memory of deceased forefathers and some portray the strength of marital bonds. It marks the occasion of meeting family, relatives, friends, eating lavish food , fasts and visiting places. Festivals also mark brotherhood in an otherwise varied and diverse society. Regardless of the religion they belong to, Indians celebrate all festivals with full vigor and enthusiasm. Witnessing all these makes living in India is blissful.

3. Landscapes

Living in India is Blissful
India is probably one of the very few countries of the world with such varied landscapes ranging from the snow clad mountains of the Himalayas to the coastline of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. While the northern part of India consists of fertile lush green plainlands, the western part is a sandy dessert of Rajasthan. The coastline covers all the major states of the country making it a center for business and trade.The north-eastern hilly region of the country is apt for the growth of tea and produces one of the finest varieties of tea of the world. The Himalayan range with cold flowing river also provides an apt location for adventure and trekking and water sports activities. The forts and palaces built over the last few centuries cover the cities of Rajasthan, Karnatka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Iconic monuments like the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Sun Temple, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Charminar, gateway of India, India Gate, Lotus Temple and Red fort among others give an insight into the architectural man made landscape of the country. Such a plethora of landscapes to choose from for a quick vacation makes living in India is blissful.

4. Weather

Living in India is Blissful
India is one of the few places in the world where one gets to see a whole variety of seasons throughout the year. January to March marks the winter season, march to may is spring, May to July is summer, July to September is monsoon and September to November is autumn is November to January is pre-winter. You can enjoy the warm and dry summers in the northern parts of the country, the hot and humid weather in the coastal areas and a pleasant cold weather in the Himalayan region at most times of the year. The monsoons in western parts of India especially Maharashtra are to look out for.Natural waterfalls are in their full grandeur during this season making it ideal for a trip away from the heat and for water sports.

The variety in weather definitely makes India one of the blissful places to live.

5. Diversity in lifestyles

Living in India is Blissful
India is one place where you would find a huge gap in the economical conditions of the people. This huge gap is one of the reasons for a diverse lifestyle. Another reason for diversity is the religion. People from different religions come from different school of thoughts and hence embrace a different lifestyle.



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