Why You Should Never Brush Your Hair In The Morning


Woman putting hair up

The idea of ‘bed head’ hair and the real deal are miles apart. Waking up looking like Kate Moss with perfectly dishevelled hair just ain’t that easy. But according to hairstylists, that’s exactly how you should roll.

Why? Because brushing can cause mechanical damage (breakage) so you should only really brush it if it’s extremely tangled. Instead, you should comb through your hair with your fingers, so your strands don’t stretch too far and break or result in split ends.

But, if you have more knots in your hair than you do in your shoulders after an arm session, finger combing may not cut it. In that case, mist your hair with a detangling spray before brushing through. This will seal your hair’s cuticle, which will make it stronger and help prevent damage.


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