Why Is This New Born Baby Looking Very Old

On Sunday September 25th 2016, a Bangladesh woman gave birth to a baby boy with progeria, in the district area of Magura in the republic of Bangladesh, and the newborn baby is said to look like an 80-year-old man.

Bangladesh woman delivers baby with Progeria.

According to doctors, the baby has a rare condition known as Progeria which causes wrinkles on the face, shrunken body and hollow eyes.

One of the doctors said this about the baby:

“The baby does not look like a newborn at all. There are prominent signs of ageing such as excessive wrinkled and rough skin texture.”

Baby born with Progeria in Bangladesh

Despite the odd appearance of the child, the father identified as Biswajit Patro who is a farmer expressed his joy at the arrival of his son.

In the newborn baby father’s words:

“We can only thank. There is no need to be unhappy about the appearance of my son. We will accept him the way he is. We are happy to have a baby boy in our home. We are already blessed to have a daughter. Now, we are a family of four. What else can we ask for?”

The man also said they have been so busy receiving visitors because of his son.

“We have been busy getting a lot of visitors, relatives, neighbours and even people from neighbouring villages have come to see our son. We are happy to host them all.”

Indian Woman Gives Birth to Old Baby Magura

Woman Gives Birth to Old Baby Magura Bangladesh.

Children are blessings from God and the couple have accepted theirs in good fate.

According to publicly available health information, progeria is a progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly. The genetic mutation occurs randomly and isn’t inherited. Symptoms, such as slow growth and hair loss, begin to appear in the first year or two of life. There is currently no cure for progeria, but certain medications is said to alleviate symptoms or delay progression.

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