Next week forecast: heatwave could be about to get even hotter with 33°C

We could get the hottest temperatures of the year next week just in time for the start of half-term. The weather keeps getting better and children who break up for the holidays today will get to experience it fully.
The mercury could hit a sweltering 33C by next Thursday in the south-east. MORE: Man filmed force-feeding grass to his mother for arguing with his wife There is no end in sight for the heatwave. It will also not be too shabby in other areas of the country, with temperatures in the upper 20s in the north. Met Office meteorologist Dean Hall said: ‘The last heatwave ended with a temperature breakdown, but it looks as though we are going back into the heat again.
The heat will be building into the weekend and early next week.’ MORE: Last known survivor of Amazon tribe murdered by farmers is spotted after 22 years alone The UK is still loving the hot weather. But you won’t have to wait until then to see high temperatures because it’s going to be 31C this weekend. Mr hall added: ‘It’s a very warm weekend with plenty of fine, dry weather around, with the exception being a little bit of cloud in western Scotland and Northern Ireland. ‘But otherwise a good deal of fine, dry weather and very warm if not hot conditions.’
There is some relief from the heat in the form of much needed rain that will fall in Scotland and possibly eastern England this afternoon. A Met Office yellow weather warning is in place for the region between 2pm and 11.59pm. MORE: Widow’s holiday saved after kind-hearted strangers donate to send her on first trip since 1960 Get used to it being hot.
But it doesn’t look like the warm weather will end anytime soon. A Met Office spokesman confirmed it was likely to remain for the next few weeks. If that happens then it could end up being a record-breaking summer for highest average temperature.
Conditions have been unusually dry, with the UK having just 47mm (1.85in) of rain so far, making it the driest start to summer in modern records which date back to 1961.

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