North Korea Is Preparing To Fire Another Ballistic Missile

It was reported few days back about U.S planes dropping huge bombs near North Korea border, in what has been seen as a response to Kim Jong-un’s recent missile tests.

South Korean military says that neighbours North Korea are readying the launch of another ballistic missile, possibly an intercontinental one.

Chang Kyung-soo, a defence ministry official in the south, said: “We have continued to see signs of possibly more ballistic missile launches. We also forecast North Korea could fire an intercontinental ballistic missile.”

South Korea conducted a live missile test, simulating an attack on the North Korean nuclear site, following Pyongyang’s sixth test last week.

It comes after the US warned that any threat to itself or its allies would be met with a ‘massive military response’.

South Korea missile drill. Credit: PA

The Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s largest news centre, has also reported that US Forces will soon install four more THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) missile defence launches at its new southern base.

The Ministry of National Defence said in a statement: “The remaining launchers will soon be tentatively deployed through South Korea-US consultations in order to counter North Korea’s advancing nuclear and missile threats.”

Despite constant UN sanctions and international pressure to reduce its actions from the likes of the United States, South Korea and China, North Korea has continued to show of its military power in 2017.

It recently tested a hydrogen bomb which is said can fit on a long-range missile.

Yonhap News Agency raised concerns over North Korea by stating its sixth nuclear test was ‘9.8 times more powerful than fifth nuclear test’.

In a series of tweets, the US president, Donald Trump stated that North Korea continued to be ‘very hostile and dangerous’ to his country saying that they ‘only understand one thing’.

He added that he will be meeting military leaders to discuss future action with the country and wrote: “The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea.”

That could include the likes of China and Russia.


In the past two months, it has conducted intercontinental ballistic missile tests, sending one over Japan into the Pacific Ocean, and threatened the US territory of Guam.

US and South Korean air forces show strength. Credit: PA

The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting later on Monday to discuss its response – it’s last sanctions coming one month ago when it targeted North Korean exports.

The BBC’s Robin Brant said that the South Korean missile drill was designed to show the country moving towards a high state of alert.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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