Oldest Trees In The World 2016

We will be looking at the top 10 oldest trees in the world. See the list below.



Kongeegen means “King’s Oak”, and it an ancient oak tree in Denmark. This tree estimates to have lived for over 1500 years in Norther Europe. It is also known to be the most oldest tree in the whole of Europe.



This chestnut tree also called “The tree of one hundred horses” in Sicily, a few kilometers from the Sant’Alfio’s town, near the Mount Etna is known to be one of the oldest trees in the world. Castagno dei Cento Cavalli as it is scientifically called believed to have lived for over 2000 years. The massive chestnut tree holds the world record for girth, clocking in at 190 feet in circumference.


Old Tjikko

via peter ryback

Old Tjikko was found in 2004 and determined to be the oldest tree in the world using carbon-14 dating. It belongs to a species of spruce that’s traditionally used to decorate European homes during Christmas, and even represents Earth’s longest-lived identified plant.

And how did a tree like Old Tjikko survive for so long? The plant’s trunks live for about 600 years, ‘but as soon as a stem dies, a new one emerges from the same root stock’, researcher Leif Kullman explained. ‘So the tree has a very long life expectancy’.


Source – loastateminor

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