Omg! American Mum Did This To Discipline Son For Stealing, Lying And Misbehaving In School (Photo)

One mother from Miami, USA in particular took correctional methods to another level when her 11-year-old son got out of line.

Disciplining children is a touchy subject when it comes to parenting.

Not only did the young chap steal, but also lied and was misbehaving in school.

Apparently the boy was feeling ‘all grown up’, so she decided to give him a ‘grown man look’. She gave him a makeover he’ll never forget.


The barber responsible for carrying out the woman’s disciplinary decision, Narrating what happened, he said:

“So this lady came in today and told me to give her 11 year old son the George Jefferson….. Because he was stealing and lying and acting up in school and stealing from his mom. So here it goes!!!!”


The barber who shared the photos and goes by the name Steve, shaved the entire center of his head to favor the popular George Jefferson haircut that troublesome tikes have been sporting.

Yikes… but he still looks cool though, lol.

Was his punishment fair or did the mother go too far?

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