OMG!! Father And Long-Lost Daughter Had Baby Together

A man and his long-lost biological daughter are facing incest charges after having a baby together and saying they were going to marry.

Katie Rose Pladl, was born to Steven Pladl and her mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in January 1998, but they put her up for adoption.

Her parents, who were 22 and 17 when she was born, did not see her again until Katie turned 18 and tracked them down on social media.

She moved into their home in Virgina, USA, in August 2016.

By this time, the couple had married and had two younger daughters, and Katie called her biological parents ‘mom and dad’, reports

But within three months Steven’s wife separated from her husband, moved out of the family home and told authorities that he was sleeping on Katie’s bedroom floor.

Father and long-lost daughter face incest charges after having a baby together
Katie Pladl, 20, could be facing ten years in prison for her relationship with her father (Picture: Wake County Sheriff)

Court documents claim that Steven Pladl, now 42, told his other children, who are Katie’s siblings, to call her step-mom.

Steven’s wife had no idea they had engaged in a sexual relationship until May 2017 when she read in one of her daughter’s journals that Katie was pregnant and Steven was the father of her unborn child.

Horrified, she called her ex-husband to ask if he had impregnated their biological daughter, and he said that he was the father of the baby and they had plans to marry, the court documents allege.

Steven’s wife immediately took out a protective order against Steven so he could no longer be around her or her two other daughters.

It was around this time that Katie and Steven moved 150 miles to Knightsdale, North Carolina, and their baby son is believed to have been born sometime in September that year.

Father and long-lost daughter face incest charges after having a baby together
Katie posted this image on her social media before her child was born (Picture: Instagram/ your_local_amateur)
Father and long-lost daughter face incest charges after having a baby together
She has posted regular updates of Steven (pictured) with her young son (Picture: Instagram/ your_local_amateur)

Before the child was born Katie announced her ‘marriage’ to Steven, although the union would not be considered legal.

The image posted on her Instagram account showing her heavily pregnant with the caption: ‘Nothing fancy, just love #justmarried #simplewedding #pregnancy.’

A warrant for Katie and Steven’s arrest was issued in November and they were found at their home and taken into custody on January 27.

Their baby son was found with them.

They have been charged with incest with adult, adultery and contributing to delinquency and are expected to be extradited to Virginia.

Steven has since been released on a $1million bond but Katie reportedly remains in custody.

Under Virginian law, incest is a class five felony and they could be facing up to 10 years in prison.

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