OMG!! Vin Diesel Threw Cake At A World Famous DJ (Watch)

Vin Diesel set his monstrous arms to work Friday night in L.A. be that as it may, he wasn’t pumping iron … he threw cake on Steve Aoki’s face.

Steve’s Kolony Tour ceased at The Shrine in L.A. Friday night and a huge amount of celebs were in the house, including Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, Jeremy Scott, his sister Devon Aoki and Desiigner – who opened for the DJ.

Steve is usually the one throwing a cake on someone in the crowd, and any Aoki fan will tell you, it’s a badge of honor to be cakefaced by him.

Steve found himself on the receiving end this time around and let Vin do the honors. Steve’s reaction is priceless.

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