Pensioner died 10 days after she was been hit by a car while on her mobility scooter

Mary Parker was knoked down by a car while she was on her mobility scooter 10 days ago, has died from her injuries. She died yesterday morning after being involved in a crash at Spider Island, Derby, on July 1. Son Darrel, 41, said: ‘She is not in pain any more and I just don’t think she realised just how much people thought of her. ‘Every time I see Spider Island from now on all I will see now is that image of my mum lying in the road and this is something that will never leave me.’ Mary Parker, 70, who died on July 11, 2018, ten days after a mobility scooter crash near Spider Island, Derby.
Mr Parker, who spent up to three hours holding her hand and playing music for her on Tuesday night, paid tribute to his mother. He said: ‘She put up a very good fight. She really did, but in the end it was too much for her and she has passed away. ‘Her body was giving up, the doctors told us on Monday that there was nothing more that they could do for her and that her organs would soon start shutting down.
The whole thing has been really traumatic and the whole family have been left devastated by the news. I am so pleased though that I spent those few hours with her on Tuesday.
The aftermath of the mobility scooter crash near Spider Island ‘I would like to thank everyone who helped on the day and also to those who have sent messages and supported us in this difficult time.’ Mr Parker’s wife spotted his mum’s scooter in the road as they were picking up some DJ equipment from a nearby pub. Emergency services were called and the road was closed for more than six hours, as witnesses described the crash as ‘horrific’. One local went to Spider Island to investigate and found a crossing, yards from where the crash took place, was faulty.
Locals have called for Spider Island to be made safer Others also said the overhead walkway ramps were unusable for mobility scooter users. Mr Parker said: ‘How many more people need to die before anything is done about it? Something needs to change now.

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