Photo: Fan Tattoos Winnie Harlow’s Face On His Leg

A fan tattooed model, Winnie Harlow’s face on his leg and the tattoo artist asked for people to tag her until she saw it. Winnie saw and reposted on her page, thanking him for it. Winnie received backlash the last time a fan drew a photo of her and she said the fan didn’t do a great job. This time she appreciated it and wrote:

“My fans never cease to amaze me…. thank you for continuously allowing me to be a source of inspiration in your lives! This is maybe the 5th tattoo of my face I’ve ever seen and every time I’m just as honoured as the last. People always ask “doesn’t it feel weird”. No it doesn’t. To me, these people aren’t tattooing Me in particular. They’re tatting my story, my struggle, my strength and my inspiration. All of which they relate to. The ultimate #fanart 🙏🏽❤️ @iamkingfnu”


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