Pictures That Hillary Clinton Wishes Would Leave

1Truth is stranger than fiction, this photo is a shame for them two. Hillary and Donald have been companions for quite a while… sorry, there’s no concealing that!


2Bill Cosby is so lethal to people in general eye nowadays, notwithstanding posturing for a pure picture with him can arrive somebody of Bill Clinton’s stature stuck in an unfortunate situation.


3Hillary Clinton looking like she’s just found out about another one of Bill Clinton’s “indiscretions.”


Bill Clinton shaking hands with the sketchiest strongman on Earth, Russian pseudo-dictator, Vladimir Putin.

13Could we actually be seeing some fear in the eyes of the first woman who has a decent chance of becoming the most powerful man on Earth?
16That’s right, the Clintons and the Trumps are BFFFs… no, that’s not one too many Fs, we meant it.
17Hillary Clinton’s love of Saudi Arabia is only matched by her love of power. We’re not sure if that smug expression on her face is good or bad news for the American people.
20Hillary Clinton might as well have invented the term, War Hawk. She loves war so much it makes even the Pentagon nervous.

2Hillary has shown her support for the Israelis on countless occasions, so being seen photographed (smiling) with the man viewed as the father of Palestinian revolution is not in her best interest.
3This picture will haunt Hillary forever with Republican voters. Not that they would EVER vote for her anyway, but it sure gives them the ammunition they need for their hate-filled agenda.

8The reason Hillary wants this picture to go away is because it might affect her bottom line with some donors of the discriminatory-persuasion…
9We’re not quite sure what’s going on in this picture but it looks like the Arab man is refusing a request from Hillary… then again, maybe he’s telling her about his next campaign contribution.

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