Police Investigating 162 People After G20 Riots- Hamburg Prosecutor’s Office

German Police are investigating 162 people on various charges after demonstrations against the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg turned violent a spokesperson for the Hamburg prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

This investigation was carried out on charges of disturbing the peace, bodily harm, resisting arrest and property damage just four weeks after the demonstration.

There are 109 investigations into suspects known by name and 53 against unknown suspects, adding that 33 people remained in detention after the July 7 to July 8 summit.

The riots resulted in damages to the tune of about 13.9 million dollars, a third of which was due to damage to cars, according to the German Insurance Association.

The G20 summit which brought together leaders including U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin was met with violent protests across the northern German city that included arson, looting and violent skirmishes with police.

In the wake of the summit, the German government said it would pay half of the costs for property damaged during riots. (dpa/NAN)

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