Postmen To Check On Elderly Ones In German City

As a major aspect of a pilot venture in the German city of Bremen, postmen will have a mission that goes past mail conveyance.

Their new errand plans to convey help to elderly inhabitants of the city.

Deutsche Post announced Monday that the new services will be provided by its employees as part of the project that can help the elderly stay longer in their homes, the German News Agency reported.

In the new paid service, postmen will ask older people how they are doing, withdraw and deliver cash, and educate them on other available charitable services.

Along with Deutsche Post, Bremen cooperates with the local saving bank, social welfare associations, “AOK”, a health insurance company, and a charity foundation. The project will also provide the edlerly with devices and tablets to read e-books.

The project is set to run until the end of 2019.

It will be monitored by experts responsible for assessing the services that the elderly need.

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