Prankster Arrested For Interrupting Theresa May’s Keynote Speech To Hand Her A P45 [Video]

The prankster who interrupted Theresa May’s keynote speech to hand her a P45 has been arrested.

Comedian Lee Nelson, real name Simon Brodkin, has been arrested for ‘breaching the peace’ after he sauntered up to the Prime Minister during the Tory Party conference, handed her a mocked up P45 and claimed Boris Johnson put him up to it.

Man who gave Theresa May her P45 during keynote speech has been arrested

Simon Bodkin, aka Lee Nelson being put into a police van after interrupting Prime Minister Theresa May (Picture: PA)


Chief Superintendent John O’Hare told ‘Earlier today a man was detained by conference security during the Prime Minister’s speech.

‘Officers attended and the man was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace and was released a short time later.

‘The man had legitimate accreditation which granted him access to the conference site.

‘In light of this we will be reviewing the accreditation process with the Conservative Party.

‘Even with accreditation, everyone at the conference goes through airport-style searches before being allowed entry to the site.’

Credit: Metro UK

After he interrupted May’s speech, Nelson was led from the conference by security.

He was met with booing and chants of ‘out, out’, while loyal Tory MPs and activists gave the leader a round of applause.

May was left visibly humiliated by the incident and struggled to continue with the speech.

Source: Metro UK

Featured Image Credit: Metro UK

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