How Pregnant Dog Was Saved After She Got Stuck Under A Shed (Video)

Instead of spending these past few weeks scavenging for food and trying to find a safe place to give birth, the sweet dog named Pumpkin has been able to finally relax and even have a little fun while at her temporary new home at the Hawkins County Humane Society in Tennessee.

However, while playing and exploring one afternoon, Pumpkin crawled under a storage shed but got trapped because of her protruding belly. “I open the back door and call for her and her head pops out from underneath!” said shelter worker Kennedy Margetjak. “I know something is wrong because she wouldn’t even come for treats! I walk out and her pregnant self is wedged underneath the shed and is struggling to get out but just can’t.”

Photo by Hawkins County Humane Society

Since there was no way to free Pumpkin without possibly hurting her, the shelter called handyman Joey Arnold, who used a jack to lift the entire shed up off the ground so Pumpkin could crawl out. And the minute she was free, Pumpkin couldn’t wait to thank her rescuer by pouncing on him and drowning him in kisses for several minutes.

Photo by Hawkins County Humane Society

Watch the entire video below to see the precious moment this pregnant dog thanks her rescuer.

Featured image: Hawkins County Humane Society

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