President Trump Looked At The Eclipse Without Glasses And The Internet Is Laughing [Video]

There have been so many warnings from scientists recently, aimed at people planning on looking towards the sky for the first solar eclipse in 99 years. They’ve all said the same thing: do not look at the sun without special glasses.


It seems like a silly thing to say in 2017 that looking directly at the sun (regardless of whether it’s being eclipsed by the moon) can be harmful to your eyes. But despite all the warnings, President Donald Trump still looked up without glasses.

Credit: CBS Chicago

To be fair, he had a decent gander at the darkened sun with protection.

However, he was seen looking up several times without the glasses; and the internet went wild for it.

Given the warnings – even Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, released a public service announcement ahead of the big event – you’d think he would have made sure he didn’t even look up for a second. And yet, here we are.

Looking directly at a solar eclipse can cause a range of issues with sight, from blurry vision to straight-up permanent loss of vision. But you can’t just wear ordinary sunglasses to protect yourself, and you certainly shouldn’t rely on binoculars, a telescope or a camera.

We’ll have to wait and see whether President Trump suffered any real damage from that minor slip-up.


Featured Image Credit: PA

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