Pro-Trump Super PAC Leaders at a Philadelphia’s Green Eggs Cafe

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are outspoken leaders of the pro-Trump super PAC Turning Point USA. Kirk, the founder, has been called a conservative provocateur with the ear of the president. Owens, the spokeswoman, has received tweet-based praise from Kanye West — and together Kirk and Owens say they are “culture warriors” trying “to save Western Civilization” from liberals.

But on Monday morning, they were hungry diners who showed up at Philadelphia’s Green Eggs Cafe in Midtown before it opened and managed to nab a window seat.

Then the screaming started.

According to the Green Eggs Cafe’s Manager, the pair barely had time to peruse the menu before people — apparently demonstrators — started jeering at them from other tables, Malik Joe, the Green Eggs Cafe’s manager, told The Washington Post.

Outside their window, they could see a large group of protesters approaching the restaurant, flanked by police.

“At first, I thought it was a vegan protest,” Joe said. At that point, he was unaware of the controversy that surrounded the people who’d walked into his restaurant on 13th Street. The protesters “were screaming at one guy sitting in the window and I looked and he was laughing.”

“The protesters were screaming ‘white supremacist’ and something about immigrants.” Joe said the protesters also flung food and objects.

At some point, Owens pulled out her phone. She tweeted the scene from inside and outside the restaurant, including the moment when one demonstrator dumped a cup of something onto Kirk’s head.

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