Is The Queen A Binge Drinker? Government Standards Would Say So

We all know that Brits love drinking, but who would have known that even the Royal Family would participate in the odd tipple or four?

Consuming more than an average of two units of alcohol a day is considered to be ‘binge-drinking’, according to government guidelines on Drinkaware, which means that there might be a very unlikely culprit.

The Independent claims that Her Majesty The Queen likes to enjoy a gin in the morning, a glass of wine and a martini with lunch, followed by a delicate champagne with dinner.

Queen drinking

Credit: PA

If only we could all ‘binge-drink’ with such panache!

This royal routine amounts to a solid six units a day, which clearly exceeds guidelines (although future veterans of the sesh might consider such behaviour quite inspirational). Not to worry though; she counters the booze with a healthy diet and full stomach to ensure she can maintain her royal duties at the admirable age of 91.

“Each morning, the Queen’s breakfast table is laid out with cornflakes and porridge oats in Tupperware containers, yoghurt and two kinds of marmalade – light and dark,” says the Independent.

Her diet is reported to be very disciplined and she will frequently avoid starch or carbs at certain mealtimes; however, all of this is balanced with plenty of indulgences.

We can’t help but envy the idea of having a beautiful breakfast laid out for us every morning, not mention the equivalent of four cocktails, but after 64 years on the throne, such regal treatment is only to be expected.

Queen drinking

Credit: PA

What’s more, the Queen is also a notorious chocoholic, according to the Evening Standard, who spoke to the Queen’s personal chef of 15 years. Darren McGrady told the newspaper: “When you get older, you know what you like, and the Queen has her favourites. When alone she will have maybe grilled sole with vegetables and a bowl of fruit for pudding.

“She is very disciplined with her diet but is happy to try new things and likes kale and quinoa.

She even refuses to travel without a slice of her favourite, special-recipe chocolate cake, says Food and Wine, and has banned garlic from being used in the palace… we just hope the corgis aren’t this fussy.

Saying that, chocolate and champagne doesn’t sound bad to us either. Queen Elizabeth has just become a whole lot more relatable.

Words: Chloë Charalambous

Featured Image Credit: PA

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