A Quick Look At Mel B’s Fractured Family

While Melanie B and Stephen Belafonte’s 10-year marriage was widely documented as being rockier than Mount Everest, Mel B’s relationship with her immediate family has been equally explosive in the public eye.

In fact, Mel’s younger sister, Danielle Brown, claimed her family hadn’t seen Mel for a staggering eight years just last month.

With it understood that Mel’s mother Andrea and late father Martin, as well as her sister Danielle, were estranged from the former Spice Girl after she married Belafonte, now Mel is divorcing him, we take a look at Mel’s fractured family…


A look at Mel B's fractured family
Mel B and Stephen Belafonte with family and friends in May 2016 

It’s common knowledge that the former Spice Girl became estranged from her family when she wed producer Stephen in Las Vegas in 2007, who previously admitted beating his ex-wife Nicole Contreras, who he has a daughter with.

Andrea speaks out

A look at Mel B's fractured family
Mel B with her mum Andrea on the set of the video shoot for The Spice Girls’ song Mama in February 1997 

The family had such little contact that in 2011, Mel’s mum Andrea revealed she had discovered her daughter had become pregnant and later given birth to Madison, Mel’s child with Stephen, on Twitter.

‘I only found out she was pregnant because of Twitter and I found out on Twitter that she’d had the baby too,’ Andrea previously revealed.

Then in 2012, Andrea spoke of her anguish at not being allowed to get to know her granddaughters, saying at the time: ‘Half of my family is missing to me.

‘Every day I pine for Mel, Phoenix and Angel.’

The X Factor drama

A look at Mel B's fractured family
Mel with her sister Danielle in August 2004

Two years later, in 2014 when Mel was a judge on the 11th series of The X Factor, Danielle and Andrea famously took to Twitter to plead for information on the state of Mel’s health and her whereabouts when Mel was rushed to hospital and forced to miss one of The X Factor final shows.


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