RAF Veteran, Harry Leslie Smith Dies Aged 95

The 95-year-old activist from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, who called himself the ‘world’s oldest rebel’, deteriorated over the week. His son announced the sad news of his passing on his father’s Twitter, which has more than 250,000 followers, this morning.

He said: ‘At 3:39 this morning, my dad Harry Leslie Smith died. I am an orphan. #istandwithharry.’ Hours before, he had tweeted saying Harry had ‘a good night’ but appeared to be ‘very tired’. Poundland’s Naughty Christmas Elf is back and just as outrageous as ever Harry dedicated years to campaigning about subjects which were close to his heart, including the NHS.

He also warned about history repeating itself and released a book called ‘Harry’s Last Stand’, calling for unity in the face of division. Speaking at a Labour Party conference in 2014, he recalled being a young boy living with his mining family in Barnsley, where he was born in 1923. His son announced the sad news of his passing on his father’s Twitter this morning (Picture: REX) Regarding the Great Depression, he said: ‘I still remember hearing, while I played as a child, the anguished cries that floated from a window on my boyhood street. ‘They were the screams from a woman dying from cancer who couldn’t afford morphine to ease her passage from this life.’ Cottage keeps getting mistaken for Amazon warehouse Harry raised three children in Toronto alongside his wife Friede, who died in 1999. He dedicated his days to campaigning against austerity and for the NHS and refugees. The 95-year-old even started a podcast and beat pneumonia. His final public words were that on Twitter before he became too weak and his son took over.

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