Refugee Shelter Burnt Down In Germany

A refugee center in Germany has been razed down by Somali refugees over Ramadan meals.

refugee burnt in germany

The blaze ripped through accommodation that was home to hundreds of asylum seekers on the site of Düsseldorf trade fair, causing around 130 people to be evacuated and leaving 24 suffering from smoke inhalation.

Footage showed flames rising hundreds of feet into the air, sending a huge column of black smoke into the sky. Authorities are now tearing down the burnt-out hall amid fears the structure was in danger of collapsing.

Ralf Herrenbrück, a senior public prosecutor in the city, said there had been disputes among Muslims living in the home over how to mark Ramadan before the fire broke out on Tuesday.

“There are two groups – one group wants to follow it strictly and so only eat when it’s dark while the other group wants to eat at normal times – for example because there are also pregnant women there,” he said.


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