Revealed : The Secret of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Amazing Physique

It’s as though the Portugal international thrives on criticism. His ear pressed against the wall, ready to jump out on the naysayers and Messi zealots before the can even comment on a supposed dip in form.

In fairness, there was a momentary window where such criticism could’ve been warranted.

But Ronaldo’s lackluster start to the 2017/18 season has now waned; all that talk about how he’s past it turning has turned into laughable noise. It’s the Ronaldo effect.

If there were a personification of ‘age is just a number’, Ronaldo would be it. At 33-years-old the Real Madrid star seems to be defying the natural law by actually improving his game instead of slowly depleting like most his age do.

And it’s no surprise, either.

After scoring late on against Juventus, crippling the Italians hopes of a dramatic comeback against the La Liga giants, Ronaldo ripped off his top in celebration of his winner, showing off his incredible physique.

‘But just how does the former-Manchester United winger remain in such good shape?’ we earnestly ask, pen and paper in hand, with the nagging reminder that the summer is just a few months away.

Well, there is a formula that Ronaldo uses to maintain his body:

He swims at home with his son, Cristiano Jnr. After that, there is water therapy to massage his muscles and a £50,000 walk-in cryotherapy chamber which exposes his body to extreme temperatures.

He puts in extra work at the gym, even at one point worrying the Real Madrid camp for overworking.

He is teetotal, stays hydrated to a religious level during training, and, of course, and maintains a strict diet, except the occasional day where he will eat his favorite Portuguese cod dish.

So there you go. If you want the physique of Ronaldo, all you’ll need is plenty of time, the best gym equipment money can buy and probably your own sous chef. Easy.

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