Revolutionary Male Contraceptive Could be on the Market in 5 years

Urologists at Stellenbosch University are hopeful of bringing a revolutionary male contraceptive to the market within the next five years.

Head of Urology, Professor, Amir Zarrabi, says “Vasalgel ” has no side effects and will be as effective as a vasectomy. He says they’re currently conducting trials to test the reversibility of the treatment.

Zarrabi says the effect of the new contraceptive can last up to 10 years.

“Basically you take the cube that would normally be cut, then just inject with a very small needle into inside of the cube. You inject polymer or a bit of gel like substance, which will become solid once it’s in there, and it will cause a partial blockade to a flow of sperm in the cube. They want to have it on the market by 2018 but that’s a bit optimistic but hopefully within the next five years.”

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