Rich Kids Of London Spark ‘Animal Abuse’ Outcry After Maltese Puppy Used To Polish Maserati Supercar

A video of a wealthy Londoner using a puppy to polish a supercar has outraged users on social media, being blasted online as “abusive”.

The five-second video, posted on the Rich Kids of London Instagram account, shows somebody rubbing a tiny Maltese puppy against a luxury Maserati, which can sell for upwards of £1million.

The video has been viewed more than 35,000 times, with followers accusing the person of “abusing an innocent puppy” by using it on the bonnet of the car.

Animal welfare charity the RSPCA said the footage was concerning.


But the group’s creator defended the video, saying it was only posted as a “joke” and that the dog was not harmed.

Rich Kids of London posted: “The only way to wash the iconic 6.0 litre #MaseratiMC12 is with 100% natural puppy fur ensuring a proper polish. (No puppy was harmed in this video – all smiles and tail wags here).”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: “We can understand why people are concerned about this video.

“While the owner does not seem to intend any harm to this dog, the animal may have found this stressful and we would urge owners to think about how something they see as a bit of fun could impact on their pet’s wellbeing.”

One Instagram user posted: “If you see this as not abusive then you’re just as messed up as he is,” while another simply said “I do not like this”.

Some followers, however, defended the group.

One posted: “Puppy doesn’t seem to be in any harm, some animals don’t get any attention at all.”

Scarlett Caplan said: “Look people are taking this way too seriously.

“Hero – the name of my puppy was perfectly happy and loves being put on his back for tummy tickles and treats and I can assure you he was in no distress when this was filmed.”

It is not the first time the group has caused controversy with their videos, with footage emerging of the group seemingly setting fire to an £87,000 Mercedes last year.

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