Ridiculous Traffic Signs

Here are some top 10  ridiculous traffic signs you should know.

1. Flagger Ahead.

Help direct traffic through a road under construction with the use of Flagger Signs

Is this a  sign to warn us that a person warning us is ahead. Redundant much?

2. More Signs Than Road

Your brain can get so used to being stressed out that it seems normal.

And this is supposed to help people?

3. Guardrail Damage Ahead

We’ve all seen them. Most times it’s a bridge and we all look for the damage as we drive by.  There will always be a sign a few hundred yards ahead.

Is there a road sign that is a bigger waste of my tax money than “Guardrail Damage Ahead”? What am I supposed to so? Slow down? I won’t crash up there, I’ll crash later on down the road.. thanks for the heads up, Useless piece of metal and fabric and many more.!!

4. Slow Trucks

Alert oncoming motorists of slow moving trucks with durable reflective warning signs. Hmm, this is more effective at telling people that there are slow trucks on the road.

5. Slow Children At Play

Drive Like Your Kids Live Here Yard Sign, Slow/Children At Play Reminder, it also a caution watch for children. Signs slow playing at play safety.

Omg!!! Stop calling our children slow, Our children are special for God’s sake.

6. Prohibido

The sign in question is a large yellow sign depicting a family of three running somewhere, with the word “Prohibido” (meaning Caution).

Jeez!!!, I actually saw someone representing this sign. I couldn’t help but laughing.

7. No Trespassing 9 p.m. – 6 a.m

To trespass is to illegally enter someone’s property or overstep your bounds in someone’s area or premises. Have you ever seen a “No trespassing” sign? check this out. You are free to trespass all other times or should I say hours.

8. Sign Has Sharp Edges

This sign has sharp edges. Could it be that the sign-writer needs to adjust their priorities? Thinking this is fake at the same time funny.

9. Private Sign

Omg!!! why putting it up if you don’t want reads. Can you all please stop reading this.

10. Please Slow Drively

Drivers are slowing down to read what they think is a mistake. The sign says “Please Slow Drively.”  funny, theres no proof-readers available for this one.

Source – dorogist

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