River Safari Unveils its New Animal Icon, Canola

The River Safari has unveiled its new animal icon — a two-year-old manatee named Canola, two years after the river-themed zoo opened.

Canola, who was abandoned at birth, was selected because of her life story and the close bond she shares with the keepers, Deputy Head Aquarist Keith So said.

Canola, a two-year-old manatee was unveiled as its icon. After being abandoned at birth, the keepers had to hand-raise her. She became the first hand-raised manatee at the River Safari. (Yahoo/Erin Kimbrell)

“We hope to continue spreading the message about the importance of protecting the world’s remaining freshwater species.” he said and added that Canola is the first hand-raised manatee by aquarists in the River Safari.

The River Safari, which houses the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, unveiled a manatee as its new animal icon on Wednesday (25 May). (Yahoo/Erin Kimbrell)

The River Safari will hold a special behind-the-scenes tour with Canola on 11,19 and 25 June 2016.

The tour, which will be held from 9.30am to 11.00am, is open to sign-ups only and subject to availability.

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