Robot Security Guard Throws Itself In Pond To Avoid Another Tedious Day At The Office

After being told for years that robots are coming to take our jobs, it turns out they don’t even want them.


An autonomous robot ‘security guard’, which was designed to patrol buildings and car parks, decided enough was enough and drove itself into a fountain at an office building in Washington DC, ending its ‘life’.

I wonder if anyone has tried sticking it in a bathtub full of rice? It’s worth a shot, surely?

Luckily for us, staff working at the office block where the bizarre incident took place shared snaps of the robo-guard lying in the water.

The woman in the grey in the background looks distraught. Perhaps she was having an office romance with the robot before tragedy struck?

The fancy machine is a Knightscope K5, which uses an internal GPS, cameras, sensor and lasers to help it carry out its duties. That is until it all gets too much, apparently.

It’s reported to be able to spot parking violations and identify known criminals, like a 5ft, rocket-shaped RoboCop.


Knightscope, which make the robots, told Cnet this was an ‘isolated incident’ and that it was currently being investigated.

The spokesperson added that, “no people were harmed or involved in any way”, and a new K5 was on its way to the company. So, that’s good.

Let’s hope this isn’t the start of a robot revolt.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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