Save Money, Use This Easy and Effective Recipe For Repelling Mosquitoes Instead

Spring and summer will be here before we know it, that also means bugs and mosquitoes will as well! But, skip the DEET and make your own homemade mosquito repellent at home!


The recipe is simple to make and easy to store; you can make it in bulk store it and refill your old bottles! If you love yourself and your family, you will not jeopardize your health with the store bought chemical crud!


1 Liter Alcohol

200g whole cloves

200ml almond oil


Add the alcohol and cloves into a jar and let it sit for four days, stir every morning and every evening and when the four days is up add the oil.

Gently rub a few drops onto your skin, and you will most defiantly notice a lack of mosquitoes!

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