The Secret Behind Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity Trick Is Incredible!

The King Of Pop Michael Jackson is hands down the most talented entertainer the world has ever seen. From his golden voice, catchy songs to iconic music videos – he left an everlasting impression on the world. Do you remember the iconic anti-gravity lean he did in his “Smooth Criminal music video? Well we’ve just discovered HOW he achieved it!


It’s All In The Shoes In 1992 Michael and business partners Michael L. Bush and Dennis Tompkins collaborated to create the magical shoes which helped him give the illusion of floating. Of course they made sure the shoes were extremely slick and stylish.

The Design The shoes upper area was altered to stabilize Michaels ankles while still providing flexibility.

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The Heel Power The heel of the show was the most important design aspect. They had the ability to confine the entire shoe to the floor, which was done through multimple nails in place. THIS is how he was able to lean forward without completely falling over.
The Greatest This ingenious move paired with his Moonwalk changedthe music and dance world FOREVER – remaining the biggest mystery for decades. This was truly the beginning of incorporating inventions and dance to create the perfect illusion.

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