The Secrets! 7 Ways To Attract More Money Into Your Life

Joe Vitale, star of The Secret and Author of 7 Steps to Attract Money Now, shared the key insights from his book on Carl Harvey’s show The Big Life. In case you missed it, Click Here for the webinar replay on Joe Vitale!

1. Change Your Money Mindset

Holding on to negative beliefs about money or yourself will block any attempts at positive change.

If you believe that money is bad or you don’t deserve good things, then you shouldn’t be surprised that these things you want will stay out of reach.

2. Practice Unconditional Giving

It might sound counterintuitive but giving unconditionally (without expecting a return) is often overlooked as a shortcut to abundance.

A good rule for this:  Whenever you find something or someone that inspires you, make sure you “give” to it. Whether it’s money or time, make sure you give with no expectations. It could be as simple as saying “thank you” to a waitress or a bus driver that made your day. Give and ask for nothing in return.

3. Prosperous Spending

When you have the desire for something and you have the money, you MUST buy it.

If you don’t, you’re telling yourself that you don’t deserve it, you don’t have enough money, and have no faith in the future.

If you buy it, you reaffirm that you are worthy of it, that you do believe in prosperity, and that you do believe the future is positive.

4. Ask For Help

You must put aside your ego and ask for help from two sources:

(i) Your network: family, friends, colleagues, seminar attendees, strangers, etc.

(ii) Your higher powers: angels, God, guardians, divine source, or anything you believe in.

5. Visualize Your Goals Already Completed

Yes, you must set goals for yourself. But what you must also do is imagine that you have already accomplished them.

You already know that it’s going to happen so start acting like it. This will accelerate you towards achieving and completing your goal.

6. Think Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs listen to problems and complaints and see them as opportunities and possibilities.

Seeing obstacles as challenges fuels your creativity and wires your mind for making a positive impact.

Hear and solve peoples’ complaints and you can get very wealthy.

7. Help Your Community and Your World

Yes – you are working on yourself, but it is equally important to think about how you can help the world and those around you.

When you help others, you open yourself to receiving even more. Pick a worthy cause that resonates with you and leave a positive mark and impact.

Source: mindvalleyacademy

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