See How A Bride Got Married Alone When Her Groom Couldn’t Make The Wedding In China

A bride in China was forced to go through her wedding ceremony alone when her groom’s job made him unable to attend. The bride had no other choice but to go through her ceremony alone A bride in China was left without a groom at her wedding ceremony in Guizhou, southwest China. Her groom is part of the local police in China and he was need for a SWAT exercise on their wedding day.

bride 2

The bride left a gap in her wedding photo as though the groom was beside her

The state’s local newspaper reported that though they had planned a month ahead of time, the police force still assigned him to participate on his wedding day and he accepted.  The wife spoke to the newspaper and said she was proud of her husband regardless and carried on as though he was present. She stood alone at the alter during the ceremony.

In the pictures, she left space beside her and a stick figure to represent her husband was penciled in. The photos then went viral. We wish them a happy married life and we hope that in future, he will be there for other special moments in the couple’s life.

bride 3

The groom in his police uniform

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