See Photos Of Kim Kardashian Serious Butt Reduction

Did Kim Kardashian seriously undergo butt reduction surgery? After a new report, Nov. 17, claimed she secretly went under the knife to reduce her famous booty, fans went crazy! kim-bum

Although Kim Kardashian, 36, has taken an abrupt hiatus away from the spotlight, she still manages to keep us guessing. After a bizarre report from MediaTakeOut claimed Kim was using recovery time from her Oct. 2016 Paris robbery to secretly go under the knife for a butt reduction, fans went wild! The report claimed her behind is currently a lot smaller than recent photos she’s posted before the horrifying attack. However, speaking to plastic surgeon, Anthony Youn, M.D., F.A.C.S., told us the truth behind Kim’s seemingly transformed curves!

“A surgical buttock reduction is a very uncommon operation. I suspect that the reason her buttocks look smaller is because the photo has been shopped or she has lost a significant amount of weight,” Dr. Youn said. “Several years ago Kim underwent an x-ray to prove that she didn’t have buttock implants, so I doubt removal of buttock implants is causing her change in appearance. More likely, she‘s just lost a few pounds and the weight came off her butt.” Phew! We were worried Kim could have reduced her signature curves!

However, our nerves were calmed after we EXCLUSIVELY learned that the reality star’s slimmer body parts were due to her recent weight loss. We know the mother-of-two is always working out and watching her figure, but she’s recently lost quite a bit of weight. “Kim is in incredible shape right now. She lost even more weight than she was planning. She was at her goal already when the robbery happened, but the stress of it all made her lose even more weight, so she’s under 120 pounds now,” our source said. “It wasn’t intentional though — she could hardly eat for the first couple of weeks, she was so anxious all the time. And she’s been exercising a ton.” Wow!Image result for kim kardashian side view in the jasmine dress and normal bum photo mix

The photo (above) is what really sent some fans over the edge, to think that Kim could have done something surgical to her booty. She dressed up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween this year with her little girl, North, 3, and her booty looked smaller than usual. In the photos (which are stunning, by the way) Kim’s butt appears to look different than when we saw her on a Mexico getaway just before she hit Paris fashion week in Sept. 2016. The pics showed up on her website thanks to her brother Rob Kardashian, 29. In case you didn’t know, her friends and family have been running her app and website while she’s taking some much needed time off after her terrifying Paris robbery.

We could see where the booty altering speculation may emerge, but we’ve got you covered. Kim did NOT have butt reduction surgery! The brunette beauty is just toning up and slimming down, and who could blame her for wanting to live a healthy lifestyle? Not to mention, all of the Kardashians love a good workout!

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