See Tech And Gadgets Names In Swahili Language!

Isn’t amazing to learn how to call things in languages other than the one you speak. Language learning is even the best part of art and culture.

Kiswahili is both the national and official language in Kenya and hence it is one language you cannot avoid to hear being spoken by Kenyans in offices or at home or in a gathering.

We have known that phones are called rununu and computers are called tarakilishi. However this list goes a step further where we get to know the Swahili words for simcard, flash disk, laptop and much more! I bet you won’t be able to call some words here.. But don’t bite your tongue..

  • Laptop – kipakatalishi
  • Simcard – kadiwia
  • Scratch card – kadihela
  • Password – nywila
  • Keyboard – kicharazio
  • Mouse – kiteuzi
  • Lift – kambarau
  • Computer virus – mtaliga
  • ATM – kiotomotela
  • Photocopier – kinukuzi
  • Flash disk- diski mweko
  • Floppy disk – diski tepetevu
  • Scanner – mdaki
  • Memory card – kadi sakima
  • Air conditioner – kiyoyozi
  • Calculator – kikokotoo
  • Scanner – mdaki
  • Microwave – tanuri ya miale
  • Duplicating machine – kirudufu

Kiswahili has sure kept up with the number of tech terms that have come up over the years and it is good we can use some of this words without necessarily resulting to using those that look like direct translations.

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