Sensational Rapper, 50 Cent Reveals Filing For Bankruptcy Didn’t Affect His Lavish Lifestyle

50 Cent On The Main View

Following the end of his bankruptcy case, 50 cent has revealed filing for bankruptcy did not affect his lavish lifestyle.Appearing on Tuesday’s The View , the rapper said

“I knew my audience wouldn’t get it,” he told the hosts. “Like, the day I did it [filed for bankruptcy] I was doing press for Southpaw and it was like, ‘Maybe you shouldn’t go and do it, and I was like, “No that’s the wrong approach.’”
“When you’re reorganising it doesn’t mean you don’t have things like companies that aren’t worth millions of dollars that are still functioning companies – and you have access to millions of dollars. So it doesn’t affect your lifestyle.
“My social network has increased dramatically since that. People love tragedy so much they were like ‘Oh is this real? Is this really happening?’”

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