Seoul South Korean capital Gets First Deaf Taxi Drivers

Two drivers started ferrying passenger around Seoul using special communication app developed by a local startup.two deaf drivers started ferrying passengers around Seoul using a special communication app developed by a local startup. A tablet PC set up inside a taxi features the “Goyohan Taxi” app to help communication between deaf drivers and their passengers. Passengers convey their destinations by speaking, writing or typing into the screen.As the taxi nears its destination, an automatic message pops up, asking the passenger to specify a drop-off point and method of payment. The PC tablet was developed by a University student to provide Deaf People with more job opportunities. Song Min-pyo the head of Coactus who is a computer engineering said that The app was partly inspired by similar projects by Uber to aid drivers who are hard of hearing, Song says. “We created software to make the same offer work in Korea,” “We created software to make the same initiative work in Korea,” Song said. “We knew Koreans would step out of the taxi the moment the driver tried to communicate with a notepad and a pen like Uber – so we developed this app.” Song was inspired by an initiative launched by taxi hire firm Uber in May 2015 to promote awareness of hearing-impairment, by adding special features to its app for its hard-of-hearing drivers.

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