She had no clue she was pregnant when she gave birth to twins on the toilet

This Woman had no idea she has taken in when she gave birth to twins all by herself in the middle of night.
Beth Bamford, 21, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, said she was still on her periods and put her weight gain down to ‘fat’. So it was quite the surprise when Beth, who already has two children aged 3 and 2, gave birth to 5lb 10oz daughter Willow.
Beth Bamford, 21, put her weight gain down to ‘fat’. She had woken up thinking she needed the toilet on February 21 and was in the bathroom when the unexpected happened. Her boyfriend Andy Morris, 22, was completely unaware as he lay sound asleep just along the landing. She called for an ambulance and was talked through pushing out the afterbirth, but instead out popped twin Freya weighing 5lb 1oz.

Beth Bamford gave birth to two very unexpected babies. This was not a planned parenthood But little Freya came out feet first in the breech position and wasn’t breathing. Thankfully, the emergency service caller was able to coach Beth through a lifesaving ‘little shake’ and the smaller twin took her first breath. Beth had visited her doctor numerous times thinking she was ill but neither the mum nor her doctors realised it was because she was pregnant. She said: ‘It’s a big shock but a nice surprise. I didn’t know I was pregnant at all.

A young mum had the shock of her life when she got up in the middle of the night thinking she needed the toilet – but instead gave birth to surprise TWINS.

Beth said her doctors told her she had a viral infection. ‘I was in bed with my partner and I was getting pains. I didn’t say anything to him but I went downstairs to get a glass of water and they got worse and I thought I needed the toilet. ‘I was still sitting on the toilet when I gave birth. I didn’t really have time to feel anything as it was happening. ‘It was a rush. One moment I was getting pain and the next moment I have got two new babies. ‘I hadn’t phoned an ambulance but I called the emergency services and they talked me through it as I gave birth to the first one. Beth said her boyfriend Andy assumed she kept the pregnancy from him. ‘They told me I needed to get the placenta out. I pushed again but another baby came out, not the placenta. It was a shock.’
When Andy eventually woke up he looked at Beth in disbelief and assumed she had hidden the pregnancy from him. Doctors believe Beth was around 37 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to the non-identical twins. After spending a week in hospital, Beth was given the all-clear to go home. She added: I feel lucky because it could have been a lot worse. I have settled down a bit now, but it is scary going from two to four.

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