After Shedding Half Her Body Weight, Woman Decided To Rip Up All Her Wedding Photos

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This is one hell of an inspirational story. We all have some goal or thing we want to accomplish that we’ve been thinking or talking about forever but never get around to. From enrolling in a course to something as simple as cleaning out your pantry. We complain about not having time, but usually, it’s because we don’t have the drive to get it done.

These things that we just put off are usually ones that aren’t exactly a thrill. If you can relate to this, then Debbie Dyson-Fussey should be your role model. While she was looking through photos of her wedding day and reminiscing on the happy occasion, Dyson-Fussey was appalled to see herself.

She was reportedly extremely unhappy with the way she looked in the photos. At the time, she weighed 165 Kg. She was so upset about the way she looked, that she decided to destroy her wedding album. Though she was happy with her husband, she only had negative associations with that day.

Dyson-Fussey ripped all of her wedding pictures and that was when she had a light-switch moment. In 2009, she decided to begin her weight-loss transformation and embarked on an incredible journey to self-love.

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A year before her wedding day, Debbie had proposed to her now husband Paul via text message. When he said yes, she began her wedding preparation, including finding the perfect dress.

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She started with a bridal shop who told her that they just don’t have any sizes large enough to fit her frame. Debbie says, “I was that big I couldn’t get a dress to fit me”

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She recalls what the employees said to her: “I weighed 26 st [165 Kg] and I walked into a bridal shop and they said, ‘we haven’t got anything to fit you’”

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She continues: “I was heartbroken, I was so embarrassed – I came out of the shop and I sobbed my heart out…I cried all the way down the aisle – what should have been the happiest day of my life was my worst”

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Debbie said, “When the photographs came through, I hated them, I ripped them up. Paul said, ‘you look nice’ and I said, ‘I don’t, I look disgusting’, and I tore them up – I didn’t want them on my wall.”

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Debbie joined Slimming World for the third time and now weighs about 81 Kg and is the happiest she’s ever been. Speaking about her transformation, she said, “I’m so much happier in myself. Going from a size 26 to a size 14. I feel amazing, I’m not embarrassed anymore”

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Debbie and her husband Paul are planning to renew their vows soon and Debbie couldn’t be happier: “I’m so looking forward to it – I can have my dream wedding now.” Hard work certainly pays off!

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