Doctor Caught on Camera Beating Patient on Operating Table During Surgery [See Video]

In what will come across as the highest level of unprofessionallism, a female doctor has been seen beating a patient while on the operating table.

The moment the doctor was seen beating the patient
A horrific video has emerged from China of the moment a female doctor beats a patient on the operating table over an alleged dispute about medical bills.
According to Daily Mail, the footage was said to be secretly filmed last September by nurses at the private hospital in Inner Mongolia’s Hohhot as they wanted to expose the doctor’s behaviour. But it wasn’t until March 8 that they gave it to a TV station to be shared among the public.
It was thought that the female surgeon was trying to ask for more money from the patient who was already on the operating table.
In the 60-second video that has been filmed using a hidden camera, the female patient is clearly in distress. She lies on the operation table wearing nothing but a hospital gown as the doctor stands at the end of her bed wearing scrubs looking over her.
It is unclear what she says to the patient before she grabs her legs and slaps her around the head and on her legs.
Out of the view of the camera another person is stood above the patients head holding onto her wrists so that she is restrained form fighting back.
The violence gets a lot worse and the woman grabs her legs and forces them open, another doctor is standing over the patient as she does this.
Helplessly the woman lies there as she is beaten and her legs are forced and held open.
It is unclear from the report why the woman is being operated on, but according to she is in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology.
After the video was released on Chinese media it was widely shared. Nearly 52,000 people have commented on alone.
Many people were disgusted at the video and disagreed with the way the woman was treated.
One user named ‘Luo Jingwei’ wrote: ‘To discuss the fee with a patient on the operation table with a scalpel is as sinful as robbing her with a knife.’
The report suggests that they are having a dispute over the cost of the surgery with the doctors saying she will not do it unless the patient agrees to pay more at the very last minute, but this is yet to be confirmed.
Watch the video below:

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