Shooting Has Wrapped On M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’

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It looks like filming has finally wrapped on filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s sequel to both Unbreakable and this year’s SplitGlass. The stars of the film confirmed the completion of production on social media over the weekend.

Co-star Anya Taylor-Joy wrote on Instagram: “Buh bye Casey Bear! Two years ago, I secretly paraded around 30th street station in a giant bear costume to prank McAvoy and the crew. It was the last day of filming and I’ll remember it forever’”

“Having just wrapped Glass, I am filled with so much gratitude and love. The memories we’ve made on these two movies are beautiful and sacred and I am a lucky girl indeed to have shared them with all of you. Beaming with pride, joy+ affection,” she continued.

Meanwhile, James McAvoy also shared his thoughts on the wrap party meal.

“Had an amazing time last night at @surayaphilly where we had our wrap party for #glassmovie . The food was AWESOME and the staff (pictured) where fantastic!!! They’ve cherry picked some of the best people from around Philly to run this place and it’s rockin!”

Glass will be released in cinemas in January 2019. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are also amongst the cast.

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