Six Daesh Terrorists Killed by Airstrike in Iraq’s Diyala

On Monday according to a local police source, six Daesh terrorists were killed in an airstrike carried out by Iraqi warplanes in the eastern Diyala province.

Habib al-Shimmar Police Captain, told Anadolu Agency that the strikes were “based on intelligence information about the location of several Daesh militants — including a group leader — near Diyala’s northern city of Khanaqin”.

According to al-Shimmar, Monday’s airstrike “completely destroyed” its target.

Recent months have seen frequent attacks by Daesh terrorists on security personnel stationed in Iraq’s northern and eastern provinces.

Iraqi officials declared that Daesh’s military presence in the country had been all but destroyed following a three-year conflict with the army, last year. The group appears to have maintained a limited presence in certain parts of the country, against which Iraqi security forces continue to carry out frequent operations.

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