Slick Sam Smith Looks Unrecognisable After Losing Three Stone

He’s been out of the spotlight for sometime. In fact, since singing the theme tune to the James Bond movie, Spectre, you wouldn’t be blamed for almost forgetting that Sam Smith existed.

However, it looks like that time off has been time well spent, with the British singer rocking an even slimmer look.

Sam, who has already slimmed down once, has now done it again. On one of the last occassions he was in the public eye, you’ll remember him looking like this…

Credit: PA Images

And he’s certainly not shabby there either.

The singer, who’s famed for his slow classics, with six number one singles, and his only solo album, In The Only Hour, also charting at top spot. Sam really is the man.

Well anyway, he doesn’t look like that anymore. At all.

As you can see, he’s very much lost an absolute shed load of weight. When he said back in January (well, I assume he said this) he was going to get his beach bod ready for the summer, he went and got it.

It’s a pretty slimmed down looked. Smart, mind. Smart.

Even his style has changed, with him opting for a lot more of a casual look these days.

Well, apart from when he’s on the red carpet of course…

Credit: PA Images

He spoke out about he weight loss recently, and revealed his secret. To be honest, it’s not really much of a secret, more common sense.

“I’m just not eating like a pig anymore,” he told the Mirror. “That’s basically it”

Fair play to him. Now, excuse me whilst I go throw that half-eaten pie in the bin.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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