Snapchat Now Lets You Choose Who Gets To See Your Location

The company must have realized that the ability to broadcast your location to all your contacts might have scared people from using Snap Map.

Snapchat has started rolling out a new “Send and Request” location-sharing feature for private messages, according to TechCrunch.

While the ephemeral messaging app’s Map tool always had the ability to share where you are to specific friends, its daily viewers in November 2017 were down by almost half from when it first launched. This new feature also relies on Snap Map, but its design makes sure that you won’t accidentally share your location to everyone in your list.

You can access the new feature when you long press on a friend’s name or tap on the hamburger menu in a chat thread. There you’ll find new buttons to either send your location or request for your friend’s — the map with that info will then appear in your private convo. You don’t have to worry about random people asking for your location either: the feature will only appear for mutual friends, and you can always switch off requests if you’d rather not get any at all.

If you do share your location with anyone, it’ll only work for eight hours after you last opened the app. You can also cancel their access anytime you want. Snapchat has confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature has been rolling out to both iOS and Android users over the past few weeks, though it’s unclear if it’ll be available worldwide.

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