Social Media Reacts After Floyd Mayweather Calls Conor McGregor A F****t

Tensions were naturally high as Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor took to the stage in London for the final part of their world tour.


They’ve so far done press conferences in Los Angeles, Toronto, then New York with mixed reactions, so maybe for their final leg, either athlete was hoping to make more of an impression than the other.

The boxer and UFC fighter entered a packed Wembley Arena to smack talk each other in a battle of egos. Considering McGregor’s homeland of Ireland is much closer to London than Mayweather’s America, The Notorious appeared to have more cheers from the crowds.

So whether Mayweather wanted to provide some shock value or whether he doesn’t understand the power of homophobic slurs, is yet to be determined. Whatever the case, the 40-year-old decided to call McGregor a ‘faggot’ in between a ‘hoe’, ‘pussy’ and a ‘punk’.

The slurs only got a small reaction from the crowd, but it certainly was felt on social media.

But some people defended the boxing champ, saying it makes them even after McGregor called Mayweather ‘boy’ at a different press conference.

The Irishman didn’t appear to be phased by the comment, instead he grabbed the microphone and told him to ‘sit down and shut the fuck up’. The only response Mayweather could come up with was throwing McGregor’s water bottle on the ground.

Others on social media went wild when The Notorious rubbed Mayweather’s head while calling him a ‘little slap head’.

After this long war of words, fans will get to see who is the greatest when the pair meet on August 26.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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