Social Robots May Soon Become The Newest Member Of The Family

The robot revolution has arrived at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Among those on display is a robotic arm that plays table tennis with a human opponent, and a larger-than-human robot that plays the word game Scrabble against another player.

Many tech companies from around the world are developing robots that act as social companions that can be a part of the family.

Imagine a mobile device, such as a tablet, with a moving body and personality. Many social robots have faced with blinking eyes and moving mouths and different expressions. One robot even yawns. Some speak in various languages while one sounds like R2-D2 in the Star Wars movies.

Companions and safety 

“This year, I think is the first year we can touch this revolution,” said Rodolphe Hasselvander, founder of Blue Frog Robotics, a French company that created the robot named Buddy.

Several robotic social companions that interact with people will be available for sale this year.

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