Student Expelled For Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance

“If your mum does not get here in five minutes the police are coming,” said the school’s Principal Martha Strother.

A 17-year-old is suing her school after they suspended her for silently protesting against racism in the United States.

India Landry, a senior at Windfern High School, claims she was punished by her school because she didn’t stand up during the daily pledge of allegiance.

According to Landry, she had sat during the pledge “hundreds of times,” ever since she was in ninth grade. However, last week her school decided to not allow her to take classes for weeks, shortly after the NFL protests took the country by storm.

“I don’t think that the flag is what it says it’s for, for liberty and justice and all that,” she told KHOU. “It’s not obviously what’s going on in America today.”

According to Landry’s federal lawsuit, the school threatened her to call the police, if her mother didn’t get to the school “within five minutes.” It also alleges the school administrators had been “recently whipped into a frenzy” by the entire NFL scenario, where players knelt during the national anthem, according to NY Daily News.

“Students cannot be instantly expelled except for being a danger,”said lawyer Randall Kallinen. “The only danger appeared to be that her sitting whipped Principal Strother into a political frenzy.”

“I said I wouldn’t, and they said you are kicked out of here,” said India. “The other woman said this isn’t the NFL, you won’t do this here.”

“If your mum does not get here in five minutes the police are coming,” said the school Principal Martha Strother to Landry, she immediately kicked her out of the school following the incident.

Another student mentioned India’s decision to sit during the allegiance was a silent protest against “police brutality” and “Donald Trump being President.”

As soon as the protesting student’s mother got a call from the school she was terrified.

“I see what’s going on with the country,” said India’s mother, Kizzy. “I thought let me hurry up and get to my baby before something happens to her.”

Nevertheless, she is proud of her daughter’s decision.

Later, India was allowed to return back to school but she was really uncomfortable with this dramatic situation.

The teenager isn’t the first to face punishment for silently protesting against racism. Earlier, a private Michigan educational institution, Lansing Catholic School, at least four athletes were not allowed to play after they expressed intent to kneel the moment that the national anthem began to play.

In addition, President Trump called protesting athletes to stand for the anthem after c “son of a b****” and even encouraged team owners to fire them on the spot.

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