Study Asked Men To Identify The Perfect Body Of Women And The Results Are Upsetting

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What’s considered as the “perfect body” for women has been changing for years now. First, being curvy was the socially accepted body, then it was “the skinnier the better” look. Today, you could say it’s a mix of both.

Regardless, many women feel the pressure of having that body that makes everyone, especially men, in love with them. It’s hard to be confident in your own skin when you have society judging you left-right-center. But what do men consider as the perfect female body?

A study was done that asked men from across the world to reveal what they believed to be the perfect female body shape. Their responses revealed something that many of us already suspected, and it’s not the most positive outcome.

Professor John Speakman led the study asking men from 10 countries to rank a series of body shapes from most to least attractive.

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What the study revealed is that majority of the men actually preferred the more “youthful” body shapes, the most popular female body shape was a BMI of 19.

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A BMI of 19 is actually on the borderline of being underweight. There was a correlation between a higher BMI and seeing the woman as less attractive.


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Speakman noted, “Fitness in evolutionary terms comprises two things: survival and the ability to reproduce.”

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He wondered if men were assessing physical attractiveness if they were basing it on an evolutionary understanding or their potential for future survival and reproductive ability.

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According to one of the study’s authors, Dr. Lobke Vaanholt said, “Most people will not be surprised that extreme thinness was perceived as the most attractive body type.”

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She thinks this is because the notion that thinner bodies are better “prevails so heavily in media, culture, and fashion.” She highlights that “the important advance is that now we have an evolutionary understanding of why this is the case.”

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The team believes that the reason for the preference for a lower BMI was because it suggested that a woman was aged 17-20.


According to Daily Mail, the study found that the reason men find thinner women more attractive is because they associate their body shape with youth, fertility and a lower risk of disease.

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Their results contradict the more early theories that suggested that people are drawn to body types with more fat because they indicated survival.

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Therefore, scientists thought that the men would actually choose females with a higher body mass index between 24 and 24.8 as being the most physically attractive.

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This study proved that age is a huge factor in what men find attractive and not attractive in the female body. This particular study was published in PeerJ in 2015.

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