Survey Finds 5 Million People Tried To Quit Smoking Last Year

A survey has found that a massive 5 million British smokers have attempted to quit the habit in the last 12 months.

The research, commissioned by V2 Cigs UK, found that this equated to two thirds of smokers in the UK.

Of those that tried to quit, one in five weren’t able to last even a month without a cigarette.

Half of those who did try blamed their failure on a lack of willpower, whilst 6% of smokers tried to defend their habit by saying they were only “social smokers”.

However, even though they weren’t able to finish smoking for good, one third of smokers found that they were able to cut back their smoking by more than 75%, and a quarter were able to halve their intake by using alternatives instead.

One in three people said that they tried the “cold turkey” approach, which was found to the most popular method amongst attempted quitters.

Two in five found alternatives to distract themselves, and one in five people got another smoker to quit with them to try and encourage each other.

The most common reason for trying to quit was to try and be healthier, with 61% of respondents citing health as their reason.

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