An Irish Hero Who Saved A Baby From Drowning

Susanna Reid broke down in tears as she interviewed an Irish hero who saved a baby from drowning – but was unable to save the rest of the family.  Davitt Walsh was recounting the moment he saved four-month-old Rionaghac-Ann after the car she was in slid off the end of a pier.

Davitt swam out into the harbour in an effort to reach the six people trapped in a car that had slid off the slipway into Lough Swilly.

The baby’s father Sean McGrotty, 46, died along with his two sons Mark, 12, and Evan, eight, his mother-in-law Ruth Daniels, 57, and her 14-year-old daughter Jodie Lee Daniels.

The hero said Sean handed him the infant through the window of the car just moments before it sank.

And reliving the harrowing incident via video link on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Davitt left Susanna speechless and failing to hold back tears.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

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Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid (Jonathan Ford/ITV)

She said: “Davitt, just listening to you, it’s utterly – it’s an absolutely awful – like, it’s unimaginable. I’m absolute – I’m speechless.

“This situation is awful that you faced, and you’re an absolute hero for rescuing that baby.”

Co-host Piers Morgan added: “Davitt, you’re an absolute hero for what you did. I know that you’re feeling a slight sense of guilt that you couldn’t save the others, but you saved a baby’s life, you couldn’t have done any more.

Sean McGrotty, with his partner Louise holding their baby, four-month-old Rionaghac-Ann and his sons Mark, 12, (right) and Evan, eight

“You risked your life to do that, and you’re a genuine hero.”

The baby has now been reunited with her mother Louise James in hospital, and Davitt said he was “looking forward” to meeting Louise after speaking with her on the phone.

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